Thursday, October 14, 2010

Travel Bug

Work was intense, four of us in a room making sure we all agreed on the marks to give a phone call. I had never monitored a phone call before. I spent the first little while anxious and all of a sudden I was asked for my opinions and to back up my answers. I hoped for a moment that one of my friends was there to do the explaining for me. And then, because they’re seven hours away I piped up and explained why I would mark this call this section the way I did even if no one else did. I was passionate about it and the woman teaching the course said that what I had said was valid and I could stop worrying about being the baby/newbie of the group. The whole experience gave me confidence.

The instructor and her wife took me to see a beach the first night and we went to this gorgeous beach that didn’t seem to stop and I watched her dogs jump and play. We then went to what we thought was a pub, but my meal was only a little less than a night in my hotel room. I’m paying for most of my own meals anyway, so I don’t feel so guilty about charging this to the company. Dinner was so good and the restaurant was very accommodating to my diet. Although the first salad they brought did have ham, so I needed to send it back. The onions in the salad were the sweetest tangiest onions I have ever tasted.

Today the plan was to get over early, but we worked and debated and got confused and made agreements from 8 am until 4 pm. It was intense and I feel confident and not so scared of the training I will get next week, to actually learn how to do my job. I‘m ready.

At four o clock I came back to my room, changed into jeans and sneakers, asked the cab driver drop me off in the middle of the city with a map and found my way (there was a little backtracking until I got my bearings) Took some pictures and heard the clicking of cash machines, there are some cool Christmas presents in the future. And I may have caught the travel bug. This has been a very positive experience.


  1. You're ahead of the game with Christmas presents.

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