Monday, October 18, 2010

I've learned how to cry and I'm better for that

sara bareilles

My apartment is designed for imagination. There are pictures that my mom and I took of bright colours and flowers. There is a huge window with a full keyboard in front of it. There is people watching that can be done at the window, it’s also a great place to drink tea and look up at the sky. There are over a hundred books and CD’s to choose from and pages of blank paper to be written on. I have a laptop to type on and a camera to take pictures when I go for a walk or go on an adventure.

I’m not bragging, except to say that short of owning my own home (condo is on the perfect house list, no backyard and many floors above ground) and being owned by felines, I have created a place I want to be. And from here I have created a person who is surrounded by people that I like and trust, which has to mean that in some way I like and trust me. A place where I feel safe enough to share the truth with people, and hear the truth from people, and maybe it will affect me, but that’s ok.


  1. feels good to learn a new thing each day .. also using experienced people's advices saves lots of time

  2. I'm confused. Are you owned by cats or do you want a condo owned by cats? Maybe it's just too late at night and I should read blogs only in the morning when I'm more alert.

  3. Oh a condo run by cats, now there's an image, all of them at a desk working the computers... taking you're rent, asking if they can stay for supper... very high end

  4. I agree about the condo analogy. I would like to own one by the sea.