Saturday, October 9, 2010


The hotel confirmation is sitting in my e-mail box. I just wrote to the lady who is going to drive us the six - seven hour drive and teach the class. And my schedule has been updated to accommodate the hours of the new position. I think it may be safe to feel a little excited again.

I’ll be in a little room with 5 other people with the new job. That’s different then a room with at least a hundred in my program. Although I’ll still see most to say “hi;” I won’t be walking around talking and laughing with them as I answer questions. I've sat by and with the same people for at least a year. I've been surrounded by a program full of people for four years. Different.

We bought “new” cloths today; if I can get the foundation off the Halloween costume I bought at the second hand store I’ll have a cool Halloween costume. I feel safe getting fun and interesting cloths, although what I’ve posted probably won’t be seen in public, unless there’s a theme day at work. But who could pass it up.

Went shopping with my mom, cleaned the store of rectangular storage containers that I can put different types of flours in; I think it went well.

Went to the music store in town and asked if they could order some Sara Bareilles music books for me, the lady at the store had never heard of her. The last music store I was in was in the city, I sat in the middle of the floor (the guy there said it was ok and now I often find myself sitting on the floor in all bookstores) and put all the books in front of me and told myself I could pick one classical and one to sing along to. Today wasn’t like that; it wasn’t my type of music.

That and I haven’t listened to the radio in forever.

I still haven’t tackled the pumpkin pie, and am finding writing very difficult, not smooth, not the natural flood of emotions that need to be explored and solved.

I’ve started to think about activities to do in the evening, things that don’t revolve around work.

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