Friday, October 15, 2010


I was going through Indigo and felt at peace. I looked from book to book and was satisfied. I didn’t buy any books, which is unusual. My brain kept saying the bookstore is so close, I’ll come back when I need books. But I’m 7 hours away from home. I couldn’t figure out if my brain felt that this was close to home, or if I thought that when I left I’d be back in my apartment in B’Town. But I loved being in a city, loved the satisfaction of taking a map and navigating a place I’d never been in before. I loved getting in a cab and saying "take me to the bookstore."

I want to enhance my ability to travel and go places on my own. So that I can pick up and visit people and places that are car drives away. Driving scares me though. On the walk to work the other day I stood at the cross walk waiting while the light was green to go. I can’t do that if I’m driving.

I would always have to know which side of the road is the correct one to drive on.

When my aunt was teaching me to drive many years ago, I headed off down the road and was quite upset that another car was coming toward me in the same lane. Well, needless to say, it was me in the wrong lane. I can’t do that, but I’m scared that I would. Where is the line that says it’s just me being scared, to it’s me knowing that I really can’t process what’s going on around me in the time, making me an unsafe driver?


  1. I know this is something that concerns you. But when I read about your standing in the crosswalk, this video is what came to mind.

  2. I can see the horizon and the sky look peaceful as well.