Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunshine, Wolf Blass and Katie Perry

I came home from work last night and there were 3 beer cans in my sink. It made me smile. There hasn’t been gluten in my apartment since I moved in. Beer makes such a statement. In the fridge is some left over wine that I had been drinking.

Cleaning out the beer cans reminded me of university, the Sunday morning when you had to clean the house and you retold the stories of the night before.

I dug through my music to find good stuff to listen too, afraid that she would feel the same about my music as my sister. I pulled out Alicia Keys and Jessie Cook. It passed the test.

We sat and told stories and talked and I felt real like; I had connected to a part I really needed to and I was connecting with her.

And then we went out dancing, ran into other friends, and I felt a sense of being free.

At one point I sat at the table drinking a water, listening to the loud music and remembering what it was like to be bar staff so many years ago.

Spent that morning with Tink. Just being ourselves, sorting through cloths talking about stuff, silences and inner thoughts and colourful creativity allowed. The day made me want to buy bright unique cloths that looked like it told a story. We walked around B'Town just enjoying the day. The bulk barn overcrowded with people and candy, the girls from work and the little ones, and lunch in a sunbeam.

I’ve said it before; I’m surrounded by great people.

Now the secretkeeper wants to hear about a crossroads in my life…

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  1. sounds u having a nice time at last .. see how socializing and happiness are twins :) am glad to read about it here ..thats great

    u R happy :)