Saturday, September 4, 2010

It's a Good Thing

This week has been good. I’ve been going to bed at pretty much the same time every night. Each night I put the IPod shuffle on my night stand before I go to sleep. When the alarm goes off I roll over, put the music on and listen to it for about an hour. Then I come out into the kitchen and make my coffee, eat my cereal, and if I’m afraid I’ll take a nap before the caffeine has a chance to take hold I’ll put in some upbeat music. Nelly Furtado, Michael Kaeshammer. I have found that I don’t want to give up or curl away from the world. The music right away keeps the depressing thoughts away, and where it’s my shuffle and not the radio, there are no words I don’t want to hear. All the songs that play have been handpicked by me.

I got the idea to do this because when I was in the city, the only way I could leave my apartment was to listen to music, get up and dance around. I needed to build myself up to walk through the concrete jungle and pass many, many strangers in the run of a day. So I thought why not try it so I can get through a morning.

Two days ago, I was awake before the alarm went off and when I put the music on, to just relax and follow the regular pattern, my body yelled excitedly; “GET OUT OF BED, there’s fun stuff to do!!!!” It may have only been once, but what a great feeling.


  1. Music is really powerful! I am glad you enjoy music as much as I do too! : ]

  2. I have embraced the opposite of this strategy. When I open my eyes it is often the middle of the afternoon and I say to myself, "Self it is much too early for you to be awake, retreat into slumberland!"

  3. Jacklyn, I'm glad you love music too. Do you have a favorite? I've been addicted to Robbie Robertson's story telling since Jr High School and I add my favorite songs throughout my blogs.

    Laoch, I love my bed, thanks for giving me permission to stay there a little bit longer; permission to just be... sometimes I forget that's ok too :)


  4. most times the only thing that can put me to sleep is soft music and nothing else

  5. Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comments and support! See you soon! :o)


  6. Other side Blue... When I was in high school I listened to "Storyville" everynight to fall asleep

    Heidi ... You're awsome, I love reading you words and seeing what you post...