Friday, September 17, 2010

I’m a Big Piece of my Own Life… but really…

What if we have no concept about what really is happening in our lives? I write about being sad in the morning, I write about reading a book. I write about being happy. But there is so much stuff going on around me that I have no concept of. Who my friends are when they leave work, who my neighbours are, who I am to other people. How much more are we than what we blog and write about; our breathing our laughter, our walks in the park? Think of how much of our futures we know nothing about.

I used to watch the news in the morning but I stopped that, so really I have no concept about world views or politics at the moment, and have no place in it or opinion.

When we first say “hi” to a stranger we have no concept of where that friendship is going to lead. When they offer you a job and you take it, you have no idea where that job is going to lead you. There are things you assume; you get to start it and dive in, but sometimes the path is different. I found out I was hired for one job in a bar, by a friend/coworker. The current job is taking me down a path that I have no control over, couldn’t imagine when I applied, and I did try to control it at times.

I can sit and journal every emotion, write a poem about myself, or what I’m going through, but in the big picture of life how much do I really know? How much am I really aware of? How can I know more? This is not fear or sadness; this is awe, that I can do all this, that I have so many opportunities available to me. I can feel all this, but really it’s only a small piece of me, of life, of the world.


  1. This is so true! The world is filled with information that we will never understand completely. I think that's why some people turn to psychics ( something I don't believe in )...they want to know so bad and think by paying these people they will better understand. I think its just a waste of money. Not knowing is the best part, that's what gives life its meaning. Having surprises and living it day by day. If I had the opportunity, I don't think I would like to know where everything was going to go in my life. I enjoy the wonder that is life! : ]

  2. I love this entry! I miss being in awe of things, though sometimes it hits really hard, eh? =)

  3. Jacklyn, I never thought of not believing in physics as an option, I like the concepts, but after adding and subtracting I really have no math skills to understand it, so I've never looked closely at it.

    I guess I'm (slowly) learning to, at least, look at all the control I've needed and maybe I'll be able to let some go.

    Tink, everything just looked bigger for a moment... We'll talk.

  4. this is intriguing. i love it. i often get overwhelmed, wondering what to write about for all of the subjects out there... then i pray, and write what i feel i'm meant to say... anyway, great that you stopped by today! so nice to 'meet' you.