Monday, September 6, 2010


I see my heart is learning to be trusted
To be heard
It marches forward,
Let it laugh and sing, echo the good times and learn from the past

I see there are friends surrounding me
And they are included in what is real

I think that means the person inside
Becomes less scary to the people around me
Because it is less frightening to me

It took great steps to get here
And no matter what happens there will be hurt
Every step forward means an illusion of some kind is broken
And sometimes that means tears

And sometimes I don’t realize
What I need to tell people right away
Because I still don't understand it's complexities
The weaving I've started with my words

It has also brought great happiness, freedom, positive thoughts and feelings
These moments, and what they have given me
Can only be built upon

But I still need my hours to not exist...

1 comment:

  1. oh dear no.. you need a bunch of flowers the flip of joy in your heart to last a few more hours.

    We both share the same feelings thats exactly wot i posted about the other day here, check this: