Saturday, September 25, 2010

duck billed platypus

At one point I had a baby placed in my arms and the poor thing screamed. I waited for the estrogen to kick in and let me do something to bond with the little one. Mom took her back, and she stopped crying. The toddler ran from one side of the room to the other and would randomly tell us something and we would agree. “You get that?” “Not a clue.”

I sat by Tink. I was a little bit like a fish out of water. I was the only one there without a partner. My party rules are show up on your own time (especially because it’s my vacation and I’m on Frosty time.) The Town got over at 5:00 (I highly recommend it.) I picked up food for my salad, and a fancy bowl from the dollar store, as I left my favorite bowl at my parents house. I fried my onions and boiled my Quinoa and wondered if I had time for a run. At 6:30, as I got everything packed up to walk up the hill; the phone rang.

“Are you still coming?”

“Yep I’m on my way.”

“Well, we won’t start till you get here; we’ll send someone to pick you up.”

They weren’t starting dinner without me.

After a while we rearranged ourselves around the room, the Trekkies were amused by the Star Trek popcorn bucket, and the girl carrying the popcorn bucket thought it would be fun to show me the popcorn as she ate it piece by piece.

“Oh,” That one looks like a poodle.”

“And this one?”

“A horse.”

Then she crawled up on my lap with her bucket of Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, and Orville Redenbacher, and showed me each piece. At first I would look really hard at each piece, each one had to have a name, it had to look like something.

“That looks like an elephant.”

Approved and eaten.

And then, after a few, I realized that it didn’t matter what I said, what mattered was the action, that I was responding and talking to her, that we were playing and that we were sitting there chatting. So I didn’t worry so much about if it looked like a submarine or a duck billed platypus or as she pointed out a dinosaur, as long as it was somewhat creative.

I had a good day.

PS the Picture is not mine...

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