Tuesday, August 17, 2010


The word of the day is relationship. The word of the day means to know the people around me, not just entertain them. Not just say something funny as I pass them. Not just relate to them with the perception of a fuzzy first impression. But actually know them and hear them. Know their name and who they are. Decide by truths about whether to stand beside them or walk away.

The word of the day is relationship; that means with me. Know what I want and don’t want. Know who I am and what my emotions means. The sound of my voice pulling on the silence in the morning; the babble in the evening as I try to understand all that I’ve said, all that I’ve felt. The truth of self with the people around me. The word of the day is relationship and thankfully I don't think it's all that foreign to me, but it can always be stronger inside me.

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