Sunday, August 1, 2010

Water Guns

I woke up this morning, laughing. My dreams could have been stressful, babies being born as tea towels because the father was a “towel head” and cats attacking the house on motorbikes with water guns (of course cats would have water guns).

I was reliving moments over and over again. I knew what happened the first time and I wanted to have control over it; do it right the second time. Instead, I ended up making a new moment and I didn’t have any more control the second time as I did the first.

not my image or quote


  1. haha to the picture. I wonder how the kittys would refill their water guns since they hate water so much. Maybe ask a human for a hand, right before they blast them! haha

  2. who knew you could google "cat" and "watergun" together and get a cat holding a watergun? Glad I made you laugh. It was such a hard week last week, I was so glad to be laughing too. I was a little backed up getting around to peoples blogs and saw your Taffy last night. SO CUTE. Glad he let the bird go, let’s hope it has a good birdie life. Cheers C.

  3. Haha yeah, there's a lot of crazy pics out there in the web. Thank you about Taffy, yeah I hope the bird is okay and not hurt after he nibbled on him a little haha

  4. Katherine KeepingAugust 2, 2010 at 4:25 PM

    Awesome picture choice! What was the job interview for? Your courage is a wonderful thing. I have been working at starting a Gem Oil business (slow year for theatre work) and am often daunted by the business side of it. It is the side that gives me moments where I think of quitting. The creative side is what feeds my soul.

  5. Kathy, it means so much to know you've read my blog, and that you've left a message too. :) I'll write you a big letter.