Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Wait

You know when you reach a call centre and just before you get a human a voice comes on and says; “This call will be monitored for quality purposes.”? That’s what I interviewed for, to be a monitor of calls. 3 of us were interviewed and there’s 1 position.

My body has run the marathon of emotions one does when you go through a job interview. “What if I get it and let everybody down? What if I don’t get it… did I let myself down? Why do I want to step out of my comfort zone? Is my body ready for this?”

I’ve learned immensely from it. My team lead let me listen to a call and it sparked a whole bunch of questions about my confidence and the ability to give feedback and “grade” someone for their calls. This grade, this feedback, will affect how they approach their job and how a supervisor ranks them. It’s a big responsibility, but I’m up for it and want to take it on.

My confidence on a whole has been heightened, and I feel like if I get the job, there will be a greater pull for me to put down roots for a while. It makes me think less about moving back to the city, and more about staying put and relaxing for a little while. This is the other reason I want to take it on.

I wanted to write about it before they announced who got the position, so I could remember the feelings without being swayed by the decision. But I’m anxious now. It seems mean to do a job interview on the Friday before a long weekend. The wait builds up so many more “what if?” and "what next?" questions.

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  1. the crazy thing is, I heard about this How To Be Alone video today while I was home sick and it was on CBC. I was waiting for the name but they never mentioned it, just kept talking about it and then I opted to lay down for a bit. Turns out we're on the same wave length