Wednesday, August 18, 2010


So it was quite a task getting into the training class today. I went to a trainer, a supervisor and yesterday I went to another supervisor who went to another supervisor and another supervisor, and I said I have to be in with the core group. I’m going to be scoring their calls; I have a chance to learn what they’re learning, I should be there.

At the end of the day HR, who was also included in this crusade, sighed and said this training was just for the phone agents, but I could still go. QA’s get trained later on. So then I felt guilty for putting myself out there.

I looked over the class this morning and many of them I consider friends, I have hung out with them, or had good chats with. They are a dedicated group of agents who care about their work and put the customer first. There was a good vibe in the room and we all seemed to move forward at the same pace.

I feel that what I learned today, with the people I learned it with, was invaluable and erased most of the feeling had gained after speaking to HR. I feel like listening to that little voice in my head and following it into this class was the right choice for me.

I was at work at 20 to 8, I usually don’t get there until 20 to 12 so W and I were the only two there and spent the first little while making sure we were sitting together and helping the trainers set up. This led to me being referred to as “brown noser” for most of the morning.

The theme of the day building a better RELATIONSHIP with the caller… Hmmm. We were shuffled around in groups most of the day and although we did get into one group of four when Tink, T and W and I could be in the same group, when it came to role playing, I had to tell W I was going with Tink and T. Tink and I have been friends for many life times and although I’m just getting to know T we have had some great chats and I felt like today we the 3 of us really worked well together. I do have to apologize to W for not being able to include her tomorrow.

I felt safe enough with these 2 people to completely flop an opening of a call, we were script free, and left on our own to create a rapport with the callers. I’ve been working with scripts and a scrunching call time for years, no really for years. So throwing that all away was frightening.

Yes, I can greet a person completely inappropriately when left on my own. I left the day leaving the word apprehensive on the wall, so much is so different than what I thought it would be. I will be listening to and scoring calls as these agents step out the same way the 3 of us in our little group did today, only live.

All around, for a training experience it was pretty positive and I’m glad I got to partake. So that’s one step closer to my new job.

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