Friday, August 27, 2010

This Is You On Paper

Yesterday I received my quarterly review from my team lead. This will probably be the last time she gives me stats or work updates. I’ll have a new supervisor and new team all together. She said she’s lost three of her team this month as one has been training, one is leaving the call centre for a bank and I’m officially a QA on Monday.

She pulled out a stack of papers and began to go over my strengths and weaknesses, I blog and set goals and challenge myself all the time, but I’ve never heard anyone else set them out for me. (That would have been nice at the hotel with all the problems I was having, to be able to see and hear what my supervisors thought of my work.) I was impressed with how much I agreed with what she said. I thought it was fair and that I felt the same way she did. I spend hours in my head evaluating myself, how closely are people aware of me and watching what I’m doing?

It was interesting to be evaluated so shortly after I said I was good enough. There was a stubborn part of me that thought “new goals but I’m good enough” and part of me that accepted it and realized that I will always need to be moving forward.

There are many stats on how much a person remembers in a classes and how much they’ll take away in a process like that. I don't have those numbers to quote. The one issue that jumped out at me was that I need to improve my confidence in problem solving. This jumped out at me 1) Because I’ve been getting the same feedback since elementary school, although now when hit with a problem I can’t solve I don’t sit and cry. 2) Because I’ve noticed it in my relationship with #1; which is why she is called #1. When we take her a problem she figures it out logically, confidently and puts it in motion. In the past I’ve tried to solve big problems, and taken them to her before I put them in motion, and she’ll take pieces into consideration that I hadn’t thought of and make the plan work even better.

I remember in school when teachers tried to teach us about problem solving, there were steps and ways to think. I guess 30 years later it’s time to learn now, what they wanted me to learn then. I didn’t tell her that the last 16 years have been focused on problem solving my health; LOL, maybe that’s why it’s taken 16 years.

When I have a health problem, or emotions that I want to figure out, I go to the bookstore, or I Google it. So maybe it’s time to go to the bookstore (anytime is good to go to the bookstore) and time to Google Problem Solving and see what I get.

It’s safe to step away from my health a bit and troubleshoot for improvements at work.

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