Sunday, August 29, 2010

The First Song

I’ve been playing the piano everyday for a week now. The last two days I sang a little. I love having the piano by the window. I don’t need to look at the music or the keys while I play scales, so I look out at the green leaves on the trees and the cars as they go by. Even when I do need the music, I can peak out over the top to see the blue sky. There's no great masterpieces, I dug in some still unpacked boxes and pulled out my grade 2 books. My fingers tripped over each other, simple things were difficult; it’s been five years.

But the feeling when I picked the first “song” and started to remember it and hear it, a dark part of my soul lit up. I thought “I remember this” and “it’s worth starting from the begging again.” I know I’ve tried to play before and it hasn’t lasted. This time it feels different. Writing has been put to the side in the morning and my book has gone unread even though it is calling my name. But I’m playing music again.

It’s a gluten free pie. I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve had a real pie. I would guess around seven or eight years. The pastry wasn’t easy to assemble, I had to take pieces of the dough and press it into the shape of the pie plate, and you can see the result of covering the cherry filling with the top piece of pastry. It just wouldn’t roll. I had bought a rolling pin, but it wasn’t very helpful. The main thing was that it tasted great. Thanks for your assistance Tink.


  1. Ugh I always have the same problem too! My pie crust always breaks apart when rolling. Such a pain but your pie still looks beautiful...makes it more unique looking. It's been cold here the past two days, a warm cherry pie would totally hit the spot!

  2. I made a Martha Stewart apple pie once a long time ago and I was expecting that ease with gluten/dairy free pastry... ah no. On the other coast it's hot, after a pie in the oven and then some fries and the little grill going my apartment was HOT. It was worth it to have pie and now I have a pie plate, so there’s more cool stuff I can make!!! ps I love the video of Taffy, he's so sweet.