Saturday, August 14, 2010


I went on a bit of a buying spree, no, not because I got a new job, it hasn’t started yet and I don’t know what the pay is, or if, when everything evens out, I’ll be making any more than I am now. No, it’s because I feel good. I usually feel like I have to scrape as much extra money as I can together in a sick fund, in case the world collapses and I have to move back home with my parents or spend weeks on the couch with no income. The past few weeks I’ve been feeling better and better and there was a voice that said: you want a new camera, you see the one that you want, it’s in your price range: buy it and enjoy it. My printer was like 7 years old and stopped printing pictures (pretty important thing for me) and I got a new one that does more than print 4x6’s and paper.

I don’t feel like the world is slipping away. Today I feel awake and it feels good.


  1. ooo new camera! how fun! i love getting new things too : ]
    Is that your kitty in the picture above? He's a cutie!

  2. I heart my new camera. When I was in university, while my other roommates were voted most likely to have boys follow them home, I had strange domestic animals follow me home: they still do, this is someone’s kitty, she didn't let me get very close but she was too cute not to take a picture of, "my" cats are: the boy in the corner and the other lady can be found on June 8th

    cheers c.