Saturday, August 7, 2010

As We Are

I hold out my hands
And in the palms play out
The adventures I go on everyday
Present the world and the words
Inside my head
And I ask you
If you were ever offered a journey
Into my mind
Would you accept
Just for a day

We could trade
With each other
And see what our worlds
Are really like

You could run through the clouds
Of my imagination
And feel the pull of my dreams
However distant
Exhilaration of my passion
Shake hands with those who came before
Who made us who we are today

The day would end in the park
With bread and corn for the ducks
Safe inside our own minds
Fully in love with ourselves
As we are


  1. What a remarkable concept and poem! I really love the ending (and is the duck your photography? it's a marvelous shot...look at the expression on the duck's face!).

  2. Thank you. This weekend was all about feeling great, and enjoying my own company. This week I relied heavily on my friends to get me through, not just my journal. Believing I'm a good enough person that people would want to be friends with me. It ended in the park with the ducks. It's my photo.