Tuesday, August 31, 2010

All the Pretty Horses

There was no reason for the Texan boys to be in the Mexican prison. They were pulled in because of a 13 year old horse thief. They were sliced up as the prisoners tried to kill them. A part of their soul was taken away. The only reason they were released was that a friend bought their way out with money. There was no trial, no reason and although they told their story, it wasn’t believed.

It’s like depression, there’s a point where you look back and see the path that led you there, but there’s no way to get out of it. Aware of the things around you, but you can’t figure out what you did wrong, or are still doing wrong or what else you have to do to get better. You’re dependant on the people around you to keep you safe and hope that the universe sends you the right people and the right tools to deal with situation.

The 2 boys finally get out, covered in stitches and wrapped in bloody gauze. They sit in a cheap hotel and plan their way back to their lives; one is going back to Texas to be with his family and the other is going to try to put his life back together on the ranch they were snatched away from. There is a girl there he needs to see.


  1. nice blog u have .. i viewed and notice u enjoy playing piano and sing .. wished i could accompany but am not a good vocalist though :)

    I hope we never lose hope even at times when we are depressed feeling awful .. hope might be figurative but lets not lose it whatever

  2. Playing is a term used loosely, I have loved the piano since I was in Elemtary School, I'm tone deaf and have only had a few years of lessons, but I love it so much, I play whatever I can whenever I can. Just hearing the notes is beautiful to me.

    Keep hoping, keep dreaming and keep looking for answers. Enjoy every moment, for what it is, no matter how much it hurts or how scary it is. You may seem down, but your body is always fighting. I believe that.