Tuesday, July 6, 2010

World Traveler: From my Bedroom

I would like to travel; but money and time are issues. On the weekend I was in a second hand store and I stopped to look in the stuffed toy box (looking for koalas) I found a little kangaroo. I knew she would look good with my Koala’s. I bought her with her baby in her pouch for $0.75 and then I thought about my pull to have these things from Australia in my bedroom. I thought maybe I could allow myself to dream about Australia and learn everything there was about it, so that if I did get the chance to travel, I would be ready.

So there’s Australia and Paris on my wish list of places to see. I can look up blogs by people who live there, I can read websites and travel books (I haven’t had time to read real books lately), collect pictures and stories in my goal journal.

I was also invited to Washington DC to visit my cousin and I can research that too. It’s like being allowed to ask for more. To say I want to go traveling and these are the steps I can take to prepare myself.

Even if I don’t go I will be researching a passion and when someone asks: Where would you like to travel?” I’ll know where and why.

Frosty Duncan, world traveler…

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