Friday, July 2, 2010

Second Breakfast

Last week, I wrote to my sister and asked “guess who just drove by my apartment while I was waiting for a cab?”She asked: “Why were you waiting for a cab?” She asked because she, and the rest of the family, had dropped me off before they went to do some errands. If I had asked them they probably would have taken me to Wal-Mart- where I was heading. I thought I broke my MP3 player (which I’m listening to right now) and I was looking for a highly recommended I Pod shuffle. I can’t get the shuffle to work with the speakers yet.

For me, I had to go there by myself. It didn’t matter that I could have gotten a drive or that I could have had company. I needed to look at the little boxes on my own. I needed to search the shelves for a copy of Atonement (which I didn’t find), and any other movies that may have caught my interest. I needed to look at the cameras and all the shelves. Once the little pink I pod was mine, I needed to look through the cloths and explore Staples across the street (It’s not a real staples, just a “Baby Staples”). It wasn’t about going in there and getting the I Pod and getting out. It was about going there are breathing and being me.

This weekend, because of the changes at work, I worked overtime yesterday. I learned (because I don’t do overtime) that with the hours I work, in order to do an hour overtime, I would have to be there 1 1/2 hours because it’s mandatory to have a second lunch (like the hobbit, 11sies and second breakfast and such). So I was at work longer than what I ever wanted to be and was beyond tired when I came home last night.

And today, to recover, I didn’t call my best friend and say let’s go get groceries and talk. I needed to be by myself to recover. I did write my friends and we talked about what’s going on and we made each other laugh, but it was distant. I needed to be alone, watch some downloaded TV, listen to music, get a cab and get some groceries and watch The Young Victoria. About an hour ago I started to feel normal.

I’m a self person, that’s who I am. It’s something to think about.


  1. I'm a self person, that's who I am... is a marvelous line. I've expressed it as my interior life is very important to me but "self person" says it best. It took my husband a long time to understand my absolute need for solitude. I thought it was obvious when we met, but live and learn...people see what they want to see and sometimes it's best to spell it out for them, especially if it's someone you plan on living with for awhile or forever.

  2. Loving your food pics! Is that tofu?

  3. Lydia, I like interior life too, it was a little scary for me to write this, but important for me. Thank you for sharing.

    Jacklyn, I should have posted the recipe, but I was beat, 1 tomato, 1 small green pepper, 1/2 red pepper, olives, vegan soy cheese (Earth Island I understand in other parts of the world vegan cheese tastes better), 1 tablespoon olive oil, 2tsp San J Szechuan-Style Sauce (very spicy). Although I'm not vegan (Gluten Free, nothing that walks on land) I'll probably only post vegan meals on here, although I don't mind using eggs for baking. I love your food posts too, and usually print off the recipes.

    Cheers Ladies.

  4. gluten free dairy free nothing that walks on land

  5. Oh it's cheese! Sounds much better than using tofu. Thank you for sharing the recipe and thank you for the nice comment