Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Pig and The Puppy

Our pig and puppy
For sale at the fair
And my daughter cried
She understood
The destiny of her pig
And she had grown
To love the puppy
The last of the litter

And when the puppy was
Held by someone distant
The innocence in her eyes
The freedom in her face
Began to tell stories
Tag in the back yard
That she was old enough
To take walks alone
Along the sand
The whole litter in tow

Her eyes lit up when she told
Stories about a life that
Excited her
Her world was in front of her
For a moment the stranger
Is honored to hear the stories

Such a way to say farewell
To a puppy
To a piglet
The sweet carnival
Cotton candy
And the hay
Tangled in her hair
This world
Where you never meet
A stranger twice


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  1. Hi Frosty Duncan, very sweet. And your little girl is very beautiful. Lucky, you are...

  2. Hey Stella, in my search for everything Paris and Australia (see other earlier blog) I stumbled upon these pictures in a wordpress, the little girl is beautiful, but she's not mine and the picture was taken on the other side of the world...

    If I have a daughter, she's in my heart, and I keep her safe there, and she is wonderful.

    This poem is more of a metaphor for what I've been through and the people and events in my life right now, as I told a friend earlier today the truth is too raw, honesty would give too much away. The truth is in the poem, but it's hidden. I was scared to post a poem of my own... I'm sorry for any misunderstanding. On the up side I do have beautiful people in my life right now...

  3. Pulled my heart strings and reminded me of my own time. When my gran Ma sold my little lamb. I loved that lamb, it followed me. Just reading about 'your daughter' and her feelings towards the pig and the puppy, I just felt that feeling again in my stomach.

  4. thanks mangocheeks, i always say i'm writing, but never share it. i felt it was right to share this one...

  5. Thank YOU to YOU too.

    Have a lovely week.