Monday, July 26, 2010

Image Walk

Whenever someone says they’re having issues, and they can’t seem to find the end of it or talk it out, and they ask me for advice I tell them to write it out. My Jr. High School English teacher taught us what she called “Freefall writing" and when Julia Cameron (Artist’s Way) told me to start doing morning pages it was a natural progression.

Like Julia, I tell people to do three pages. It’ll probably start out with how stupid this idea is, but I tell them to keep going because eventually something will come up. I’m not sure if anyone has ever taken me up on this and when I told this to my sister once she barked at me “But you’re a writer, that’s what you do.” I couldn’t fathom anything else being effective, I used to draw pictures all the time, but it never said anything to me, I didn’t look back a week later and say, “oh yeah I drew that because I felt down and now because of that picture I can move forward.” I’ve never taken a photograph and gone back and say, oh yeah that’s how I felt that day.

This week I could see the world a little different.

I think, because Freefall was entered into my mind at a influential age, I can sit and write whatever comes into my head, line after line, and then I go back and spend hours over days moving the words and ideas around. This week I was curled up in bed or on the couch or somewhere and full images came into my mind and I translated and said this is what they mean to me right now. I imagined people and windows and sights and colours and ponds and flowers and wrote about that (I sucked at drawing ten years ago and have a huge censor denying me the right to pick up a pencil and paints) but I could see these other ways of processing emotions and actions and ideas. And I wrote these images I saw.

Now instead of words creating images, images were demanding words.

The writing of these images is scratchy and dirty and I’m not sure where to put the adjectives and what is too much and too little. But it’s new, another option, a new way to see the world and writing and processing; a new way to talk to people about it if they ask, or I feel like sharing.

My aim when I took part in the “Kelby Worldwide Photowalk,” on Saturday was to look at what was in front of me and ask myself how the shot made me feel, how to put that out there in the picture. Of course, I forgot all about that when I got out there, the photos just found themselves; maybe next time.

Ok this one is all humor

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