Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Down a Little Road Called Disassociation

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Let’s talk about disassociation shall we? Let’s talk about doing 100 + e-mails a day, while your friends around you, or on the other side of the room take call after call and you start to lose yourself in the work. First thing to do to get your brain back is to whisper secrets to your friend who is equally stressed and you laugh so hard you want to cry and find out you’re not alone. She makes you feel so much better you actually want to stay at work just so you can keep laughing. But she needs to work and you need to go home.

Then you wake up early to get stuff done, have a nap, a long nap, a good nap and realize that after four or five days your brain can not only make sentences in can, sorta, make paragraphs, although not very well. Then you look at your stuffed toys and decide that you want to go to Australia. And you forget about all the stress and have half an hour of floating on the Sydney harbor and walking in the streets of Paris just to yourself and your imagination.

Alas, you must come back to real life and to the e-mails and the phone calls.

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