Friday, July 9, 2010

Dinners Were Old Standbys

I slept in this morning; I’ve slept in all this week. I haven’t worried about fighting the morning, or being productive or writing a poem, or a great idea, or a blog. If it was there I grabbed it, and when I was ready, I went to work. Whatever my body needed, I let it do, and then I put in some overtime.

Dinners were old standbys, I ate the same stir fry all week (my favorite) and there’s still enough stuff to make a cauliflower soup this weekend. I read my favorite blogs during my second lunch and talked to my friends when I needed a break.

I’ve trained a new person to be part of the e-mail team and said goodbye to a good friend at work. The four of us in the little corner would tell stories on good days and support each other on bad days. She was more than just a team lead she was a friend.

She’s always had parties at her house, and she loves doing parties but I never went. They were “Twilight” parties, which I’m not interested in, but love that my friends get so happy when they talk about it. There were also parties for her team at work. Although I was not part of the team, she did invite me. But I felt like I didn’t belong. I still stick by that decision, and have gone out with our group and had fun at other times. I hope in the future there are chances for our friendship to grow outside of work and there will be visits when I will feel more comfortable. Was the visit more important than what the party is about?

At work, we started head strong and focused, sure that if we worked hard and did what we were told things would get back to “our normal” (thanks “B”). But now, we’ve realized it will be like this for a while, and it will be a while before we catch up. So we’ve had to switch modes and insure we take time to make jokes, laugh with and support our friends, and of course, to assist the people coming to us for help.

It’s the weekend now, I’m going to curl up with a book and let it lead me down another path of self expression.


  1. Oh yes, that's perfect...let a good book take you down a different path. Enjoy!

  2. Good food; hugs and tears, poetry: Rilke and my own. Just spending the night writing poetry waiting for the rain... Thanks for stopping by...