Thursday, July 1, 2010

Because I Can't eat Another Bowl of Chili

So in my aim on the 29th was to write about what actually happened during the day and not some sort of mental angst: I got all muddled, lost my direction. Who am I without mental angst?

There are so many people who take part in my day who don’t blog and I don’t want post their lives in my blogs and have them wonder if what they say or do will end up in my basket. Plus anything that needs to continue with them, when we’re not in the same room, gets hashed out in other forms of communication.

I’ve shown up in a few posts though and thought “hey, that’s me :)”

Last night, I was watching things change at work and the RTA yelled across the room that my boss wanted to talk to me. I was actually excited to talk to her, usually when someone in a senior position wants to talk to me I think “this is it; they’re finally firing me.” I wanted to know what was going on in the next 24 hours and she had the answers. We agreed that I would come in two hours early and my only aim was to do e-mails. They had to be done by midnight. Then my cousin asked if we could get together tonight. I wanted to visit with her and (social situation) was scared out of my tree, what if we just stared at each other?

Because of all the changes happening at work, and I can’t really go into it, it was stressful. I was pretty sure I could handle my task and if I didn’t I would stay late. I typed, listened to and asked people to tell me what it was like on the phones, rather than let myself get upset because other people were upset.

Then there were more e-mails then I’d ever seen in my life. A team lead, and friend, sat down beside me and said “Frosty, one e-mail at a time.” (See previous post.)

I tried to get a hold of my cousin, making this guy read her phone numbers off the computer, while I dialed the phone across the room. (He thinks I’m nuts I’m sure of it.) But I couldn’t reach her.

I left work in my cute shoes and with my pink I pod shuffle, reached my house, and dug through my whole book bag. No keys. I went back to work and dug through my locker no keys. I came back home and I got the shirtless landlord to open the door and then when the keys weren’t in my apartment, asked him to let me borrow the spare set. I called work and put out the word that my keys were lost.

I called my cousin and she was recording stories from my grandmother onto the computer… way cool. She’s going to put it on CD. Way cool again. But no face time.

Somewhere in there I ate two spoonfuls of chocolate soy nut butter.

My team lead, and friend, called and asked if my keys were the ones attached to the Swiss army knife and Winnie the Pooh keychain. Well of course. And I could relax. Except that I needed to have supper and I wasn’t hungry and couldn’t stomach another can of chili. So I made a stir fry and didn’t mess it up. The trick is to stay optimistic and let your friends help you, the way you help friends.

Did I mention Tink? She made me laugh, kept my spirits up and told the girl who spent two days doing floor support where to find the answers on a system that I will be my main focus; even though everyone else has gotten a head start using it. Tomorrow… or the day after I will get to use it… for now there’s still a lot of e-mail in the in box.

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