Saturday, July 17, 2010


My desk is an abyss on Sunday. I come in late in the afternoon, the people “beside” me, but still seats away, come in early and leave early, and it’s just me. Usually I’m ok with that, but last Sunday I wasn’t. So, when Tink came in I sat by her. It was "sit by a friend or go home day." People who didn’t usually talk to me stopped and chatted and there was a flurry of conversation around me. These people weren’t used to working around me and the fact that I could listen, but couldn’t really answer. So I felt awkward for a while, and knew that it was my responsibility to get the e-mails done, and I was the person they knew would be able to focus and get them done. So that’s probably the last day I’ll sit somewhere else, but I enjoyed their company and their chat immensely. I did more e-mails than if I had gone home.

Sometimes, Iguess, you have to step out of your norm to realize why things have worked so well for so long. There’s a reason the e-mailers sit in the abyss. The people sitting around me know I’m like gopher; I stick my head up every so often, say something, and go back to work, listening to the rhythm of friends around me.

The rest of the week was spent doing e-mails, training another person to do e-mails. There were job interviews, but I haven’t had mine yet, haven’t even heard if they want to interview me yet. But “Number 1” who is the person who has been part of the e-mail team the longest is now a sup, so changes have been, and are, in order.

It was all about changes this week, there were tears, frustration and we each needed to have our friends make us feel good and get things off our chest. There was laughter and going to random parts of the room on breaks to see how friends were doing. There were many mornings when I said, if there weren’t all those e-mails waiting to be done I’d stay home and just collect myself. And I wouldn't need so much time to collect myself if there weren't so many e-mails. I won’t say I’ll never do overtime again, but I won’t do as much. I’m sure one day this week I’ll do my overtime. But there will be more time for me. I know how important it is.

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