Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sing Us a Song Piano Girl

even if it's is just a C Scale...

a bff made the quilt like 10 years ago, I bought the keyboard a year later and it fit perfectly as a cover

So I moved the Piano over to the window.

It can't stay there forever; I'm frightened about the weather

And in the winter the heat will need to be turned on.

But instead of walking by it and shuddering about how much I've lost.

This morning I looked at it and thought just a c scale that's all you need to do :)

There was no time, but there was a sense of passion again. It felt good, not ominous.

Now what to do with the big empty spot in the corner. Hummmm Vacuum Maybe?


  1. that bear looks super cute on that piano. and the quilt is very pretty!

  2. Funny! Cute post.

    Thanks for the link to the indian painbrush on my blog. Very helpful! Have a beautiful day.

  3. Thanks ladies... I played this morning, it felt right and I loved to hear the sounds. Cheers.