Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Put Your Hands in the Ayre

The past two days have been a learning experience. We’re upgrading at work, and although I wasn’t assigned floor support, it was expected. I’m so used to doing floor support, the look of so many of my friends with their hands up at once, and the deer in the headlights look, tugged at my heart.

Part of me knew that I had just gone through the same training class as they did, and that scared me a bit. Part of me worries that I will take on too much and let someone or myself down. But I’ve been at the call centre for four years now and have been through a few systems. I’ve been doing floor support on and off for a while too and I’m learning how to gather information from my coworkers, and explain the issue, usually without having my hand on their mouse (sometimes I do grab their mouse so I don’t have to say press here, press here.) The first time I was ever asked to do floor support (in a program that no longer exists in our call centre) I cried, so I’ve come along way.

I stayed confident, I wasn’t scared that I wasn’t going to be able to answer the questions; I just took it one at a time. My friends helped me put this into words, I told them the only thing they needed to do was make it through the first call. If they needed help they could put up their hand. It made me confident to explain that to them. I also kept my pride in check; I made a few mistakes, and had to put my hand up as well and ask someone else to help me, or help me help them.

There were coloured flags too, but I’m not sure which colour meant what I just helped with what I could.

When I left at the end of the evening more people said good-bye to me than usual, I was blown a kiss and got the queen wave, which is now a joke between a co worker and myself. This made me feel good after a tough day.

I kind of don’t really have a main focus as I write this, except that I think I’m getting the confident me back, the me that can take on a leading role and handle fast paced situations involving a lot of people.

The whole things has stressed me out a bit and I haven’t had time to make a decent meal in two days; I had a can of Amy’s Chili on Sunday, and the thought of staying up late last night and making soup didn’t work for me. Then I realized I would make burgers and fries. So I marched up to the store, but they didn’t have my fries. So as I nuked the soy burgers I started to make rice and burnt it. I started to make rice again and once it started to boil I forgot to put it on minimum, and burnt it again. Third time was a charm, rice and burgers it was, I should have just made soup.

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