Sunday, June 13, 2010


It was a very long week. I was in training for new software that is being introduced at work. We spent 7.5 hours a day sitting in front of a computer that blocked the view to the teacher, in a room with no windows (used to be a morgue… I work in the old hospital where I was born) and poor ventilation. One of the teachers was actually my elementary school principal. Do I call him by his first name or do I revert back to age 7 and call him the Mr. that is ingrained in my head? We spent a week being told that if we wanted to order a PIN for example… we hit the “Order PIN” button.

All week I was worried about “The Test.” I’m always worried about how my brain will relate from doing something like clicking options on a computer screen, to writing about it on a piece of paper. (Or when I'm floor support, explaining it to someone.) Everyone was saying there was so much writing. In my imagination I pictured a 20 page test with answers that required stories about the past, present and future. That to me is a lot of writing. When I got the three pages that I could answer in point form I realized my idea of a lot of writing (pages and hours of scribble on lined paper,) and what everyone else thinks is a lot of writing is very different. I feel confident in writing “The Test” and I am not too worried about the result.

It's back to regular work today, and I've been promised I'll forget all I've learned by the time the new software hits the floor.

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