Monday, June 21, 2010

Past Two Days

On the weekend
There was such a freedom of soul and spirit
There weren’t enough hours
I was never bored or at a loss of what to do:
To read, to write, to clean, to go see a movie with a friend
To make curry, which never happened
It was fast paced
I was alert

Today with only a few hours before work
My body wants the time to go fast
I just want to get to work and get the e-mails done
My concentration crooked and focus is on everything
And nothing
And then I reread my journal
And realized when I do a lot
I need down time

More than that
I believe there needs to be a change in focus
A review of goals
I needed down time and that’s ok

What if I can get to a point where I trust my body
And I can believe it when it tells me something?

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