Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Page 257

I’m going to stop reading Running with Scissors for a while. It makes me hurt and brings back all the mental struggles (which in my life, were no where near this extream) I had in the past and have gotten over. Reading it doesn’t make me feel good at all. I thought I could read a book and be distant, but the words touch me, and tug at my emotions and in this case my mental health. I need to read something more stable and positive.


  1. It's definitely important to surround ourselves with positive "things." What we read, watch, listen to affects us more than I think we realize.

  2. In school and University (English and Theater) we ran through stories and plays and learned their history and pulled them apart, but I never stopped and asked how it affected me deep down, I just kept tearing through. I feel a little "weak" having to admit that I can't handle everything thrown at me. But I feel strong in recognizing it. Thank you for your words. C.