Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Opinions Change Sometimes

As I reach page 130 of the childhood and story told of and by Augusten Burroughs in “Running with Scissors” , My personal opinion has gone from pure amusement (there is controversy and questions about how true this memoir is) to one of sadness. If it was purely a work of fiction I would be amused by the characters of the story and where they have gone. As a memoir, I am saddened that Burroughs seems to have no strong role models and that in his search for answers is having sexual experiences with much older men when he is 13. Men who should be protecting and guiding him.

Of course my own connection comes up with the Finch family and how the Doctor “looks after” his patients. When I was sick and searching for answers I wanted so much to put my faith into the Doctor who was sitting in front of me asking all sorts of personal questions and asking me to change parts of my life. I’m glad I never blindly followed any doctors that I had a bad feeling about, and continue to search for the answers that are right for me, sometimes in places that “professionals” say could never help. However frightening that may be.

One Doctor even told me I wrote too much, but she would be able to help me with that.

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