Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Life Should Have Many A Thank You

I want to be able to say thank you
To people who have helped me along the way
I want to hear people say;
Don’t struggle though this
Because it’s been done before;
Here’s what I do…

I hope I'm ready to accept these words

I want the strength to know when it’s ok to help
When someone is going through something
That I have been through
Not be afraid that I’ll insult them
Push them too quickly
Or be wrong, or that they won’t accept
Or that I’ll lose a friend,

I want us to have the strength to say
Take this and fly higher,
Run faster, dream bigger,

I want people to feel safe saying that to me as well
And not hurt them if I don’t understand it right away
Or I make it my own
I want to take it and not feel hurt myself
I want to understand that it’s safe to get help

I don’t have to learn it all by myself

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