Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lessons Learned

A sunset in B’town isn’t as pretty as in the open country, or along the shore. But it’s all I have for a sunset when I need to breath. To find the beauty between the chain link fence, the cars and the pavement. The light is shining through the trees. The inspiration is seeping out to me between the leaves of the trees.

I’m allowing things to happen in my life. There are actions and reactions, people don’t always hear what I say or react the way I have planned inside my head. Sometimes words get twisted as they fly from my mouth to others ears, from plans to actions. I need to make sure what I say is understood.

It was a tough day at work. We didn’t get what we wanted and all the plans have gone in other directions. It’s good that I can be a good employee when things are going good, but can I step up to the plate on a bad day? I may have struck out a couple times, but I made it to a few bases as well.

I still have the ability to make people laugh even if I’m angry on the inside, or in bad or stressful times.

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  1. It is so often we have to find the beauty in a sunset behind a chain-link fence. How pretty it can be though.