Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Find more poetry outlets (books, websites, how to books, workshops)

Keep making different food so I feel comfortable creating my own. I was about to say take a cooking class, but this is B’town, they don’t even order veggie pizza at work functions, let alone offer a cooking class that would be beneficial for me to take.

Read more of the books that I have. Try to fit in a few pages before I fall asleep. (Pillars of the Earth right now) .

Watch “TV” in the morning rather than have a morning nap (SARK says morning naps are allowed). I know I know the TV is not hooked up but I've started downloading TrueBlood and assuming I can handle it(episode 1 down) I'll keep watching it.

More photography adventures.

Cats of my own (way in the future).

Move the piano to the front window and out of the stuffy corner (just to see… right now there’s so much stuff that comes before the piano)

I don’t want to go back to University and take English courses involving books that bore me (plus money is an issue) but I want to keep learning about writing.

If available take another writing class/workshop.

I want to feel safe in B’town a little longer, keep working on my insides, things seem to be getting better here (that or I’m going completely crazy… fine line right?)

Maintain positive energy despite everything that’s going on around me, inside and out.

Keep running in the morning.

Take a step up job wise.

I want to go on a date, with a boy, and can I throw in a kiss?

Where does this come from? In January, without consciously thinking about it as a New Year’s resolution, I started a binder about goals, passions, dreams, fears and so on. I felt compelled to, some things worked out (writing class, photography, exercise. Some didn’t (playing the piano)

This weekend I felt I needed to refresh my goals and go over them again, put them in writing, know what’s in my heart.


  1. Good, honest, achieveable stuff!

  2. Yeah, I guess they are... 10 years ago they would have been win an oscar for a screenplay, travel around the world, create an amazing movie all by myself, today it's baby steps actually write the screenplay and focus on today and the people and oppertunites around me. I read bits of your blog, thank you for your words.