Saturday, June 12, 2010

Clothed in Confidence

I was looking at the picture I posted of my shirts. In my house they’re hung up between plan t-shirts and folded jeans, in a dark closet. They’re never all together under a flash.

I look at those shirts and think: a really cool person must own those shirts. They must belong to a woman who allows colour and light into her life. She knows who she is and isn’t afraid to step out of the blacks T’s and striped turtle necks that are also in her collection.

I feel satisfaction with the image that those shirts portray in my mind, that I had so much fun finding them and feel confident wearing them. They’re not all monotone and safe (there’s nothing wrong with that I have many plan shirts that I wear ALL the time... see above) and that doesn’t make me afraid.

I told my mom the other day, while we were second hand shopping, that I was glad I felt confident enough in who I am, and with my body, to choose fancy shirts.

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