Saturday, June 19, 2010

Candle Problem

Task: fix a lighted candle, using only the tools given, on a wall in a way so the candle wax won't drip onto the table below. Or catch the wall on fire.

Very few people realize you can use the tack box.

As I was explained the answer, I began to worry about the tacks: when you take them out of the box they’re not stored safely in a nice little container. Chaos could happen.

And that got me thinking about all the decisions I’ve been trying to make. When I make a decision, do I hold back in fear of a small mess that can be easily rectified? One of which is moving back to the city, to be closer to writing classes, Theatre and Film friends, Theatre and Film projects, and the other friends I left behind.

Tink did give me a good talking to, explaining that now I have new tools to work with when I decide to venture away from B’town.

But there is still a real fear that all the nice organized tacks will roll of the table. I’m by no means a neat freak, but someone, perhaps myself, may step on a tack.

In the end I totally I overlooked the fact that I’ll be lighting a beautiful candle that would illuminate the darkness.


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  2. I still think you can do it if you want to. <3