Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mother Nature

I believe it started with the Marianne Williamson quote that I posted a last month. I started thinking about what I believe in spiritually. I bought Marianne’s book last month to dive back into her words and beliefs, I’m a little nervous to start. I read it 10 years ago and I want to experience it now, ten years later. I want to see how much of what I read shaped what I believe today. I want to see how much has stuck with me and see what lessons of hers I follow now. I want to see if ten years later I still believe in her teachings or if my ideas have changed as I have gotten older. I also want to see if I’m able to accept and understand even more about what she is saying. A lot has happened in ten years and I feel like I don’t want to go backwards or get hurt or confused.

Then, I wrote about what I believed happened to us after we die, sure it’s convoluted and things are wishy-washy as I try to find the strength to explain something that so many people feel passionate about. But this is how I feel about death and life, if any, after it.

Yesterday, I was looking over a friends info page on Facebook: ah good old Facebook, and this is what was written for religion “a benevolent higher power, truth, love, nature.” When I had my tarot cards read ten years ago I pulled up a nature card, I was told it was very rare to get and I always used to believe that nature was my religion. At that time it was more of an excuse then something I believed I could believe in. While some people go to a church to pray I go for a walk in nature. I respect nature and the world around me and do everything I can (mind you I can do better) to make sure I live environmentally and stay aware of what’s happening in the world today.

Also, I believe my spirituality is all about how I treat other people and how I allow other people to treat me. For me it’s knowing who I am, why I make the decisions I make and what has led me to that decision. It’s not about one religion that answers all the questions, it’s about finding and making the choices that allow me to discover and live a full life. So for me, my spiritual beliefs are all about nature, the world around me, and what I give and take.

It’s a little step but it’s my step.

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  1. I believe so much the same. I would not call myself religious, but rather spiritual. I live by the rules of karma. I try to be good to the earth and respect nature. I don't feel the need to worship in a church.