Sunday, May 23, 2010


I did it! I survived the work bake sale. I even participated. I made gluten free brownies that a few of my friends have already given a pass to. We had them labeled as gluten free for a while, but people were scared of them and out of the 500 people I work with no one came up and said “wow, gluten free that’s great, I get to have something at the bake sale as well.” It was more like “gluten? I like my gluten.”

Actually, someone did get excited over them; I did. I got to make treats while everyone else I worked with made treats too, we sent each other messages while we did it, and I got to show up with my little babies the next day. And we talked all day about food. Other than the fact that I had one and was on a sugar high all day, I was also feeling good because I wasn’t an outsider. I got to play too, and that was very important to me. And there were only two brownies left over at the end of the day. Dessert.

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