Saturday, May 29, 2010

Because it IS

I’m not sure if this is what she meant or not but it triggered something inside me. She said Looking at the Sky on Friday. As if every Friday she went out and took a picture of the sky. The sky is something I’ve taken for granted. Every now and then I take a picture of it, when the sun sets, or it mirrors the ocean; or it just happens to be there. But what happens if we just set a day aside to look at something we take for granted.

When we take a picture of something or someone, we see it, realize its presence, make it real, make it last. We don’t take it for granted. I write in my journal every day to gage how to focus my day, tell myself I’m here. What about the beauty of the earth and friends around me, realize how much an amazing part of my life they are.

So today I took a picture of the sky… because it IS.

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  1. Pretty! I love looking up at the clouds and seeing images in them : ]