Friday, May 21, 2010

Ashes, Ashes We All Fall Down

Just watched the movie “Little Ashes,” as recommended by my friend at work. I’m not a Robert Pattinson fan and this didn’t sway me. But I was interested in the story she kept explaining to me and she mentioned Federico Garcia Lorca and I said, “Look him up… we learned about him in university. But I couldn’t remember anything about him, except that I could practically hear the professor roll “Lorca” off his tongue.

I finished the movie and thought it was a pretty good movie and pulled out my Stages of Drama. There are notes all over the play “the house of bernarda alba” like I was into it and really wanted to have it explained and understood. But I don’t remember any of it. How can a person not remember anything about a writer who is said to have written “a play about a cockroach who becomes entranced by the enchanting world of a butterfly.” (I have that line underlined.)

The first line of the biography about Lorca in my text book says that he was executed by the fascists in the beginning of the Spanish civil war. That was an empty statement to me without seeing the movie. In watching the movie, I understand that Lorca was a person with passions and loves and beliefs and that was all taken away from him, because he spoke of a message that the fascists disagreed with.

So, I read the play “the house of bernarda alba”. I haven’t read a play in a long time. I was reminded of how much talking is needed in a play to convey the story. How plots and emotions are carried out in the colours of cloths, and surrounding set and the voices of people. At first I was distant to what was happening, remembering bits and pieces from university, I believe I was frustrated by the way they lived and vowed not to be so controlled in life, not to be in a place to die over the affections of a man. And I was moved today at Adela’s death. Saw the strength in the story telling and the neatness of the plot.

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