Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Whole World is Alive

I did more writing today. I put all ego aside and made myself write absolute crap. There was no flow, magic metaphors or great descriptions, I just wrote ideas that went in succession one idea after the other. Which, celebration, was better than what I started with. Without giving Mojo credit, I knew I had to write; I just had to do it. No it doesn’t suck, it has promise but it's defiantly a “shitty first draft.”

The thing was, today the writing wasn’t magical. When I’m messing around and getting great one liners, or fun little paragraphs, as I did Sunday, the whole world is alive. That’s when I realized that this style of life is defiantly what I want to work towards. I enjoy being at home one on one with the computer(with maybe the inclusion of more people or phone calls once the sun goes down.)

I have lots of folders full of brainstorms, but writing them out into stories has so far been a fluke. The time, the concentration, and the work is a little bit harder to achieve than just babbling on paper for twenty minutes and picking out a few words and ideas that I like.

Now if you’re counting, it took me 5 days to get to a place where I was confidant and committed enough to do it. And yes, I procrastinated with the best of them (was “Fame” not the most riveting movie to be released last year?) Sorry; I can’t even joke about that without apologizing, but I did watch the whole thing. And now that I’ve proven to myself that I can take the next step, turn a few pages of random ideas into an outline, I’m inspired all over again and ready to go at it tomorrow. (Even if I do have to work for 9 ½ hours.)

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