Friday, April 23, 2010

Timid Mouse

It’s a status symbol, something that you make enough money to afford. The more you make the more channels you can have. You have the luxury of turning it on and slipping, away losing yourself after a busy day. Someone has spent and made millions to bring this into your life and your friends will talk about it all day tomorrow, it will bring them together, something they have shared despite being miles apart. Today, EASTLINK has turned off my TV and when I hit the power button nothing is there. I’m afraid, as it’s something I’ve never been without.

So instead, I searched the internet for the poems of Sylvia Plath Ted Hughes and Anne Sexton. Today, I also looked up the new pictures of the sun released by NASA, and wondered, if, in a world of blogging, camera phones, YouTube and Facebook; poems are even relevant anymore. Do you need to twist your words and images into stanzas and leave them up to the reader to decipher? You can write a blog about the emotions in full complete sentences and not leave anyone wondering if they understood it. Instead of reading a book of poetry, one can watch a movie; three acts of action turning into reaction easily spelled out so that anyone can understand.

Instead of writing a poem about a lady a shrew and a mouse at a museum, you can take a picture of it with your cell phone and put it on Facebook. You and your friends can share up to the moment emotions about it; say how it affects them, makes them think about the shortness of their life on earth, and whether they are living their lives to the fullest.

As I researched the ideas that these poems brought to life in me, I realized it’s another piece of the puzzle, in reading these I will be learning a new way to express myself and learning about people and places. I wouldn’t even be able to read these poems so easily without the internet. I have only been shown a few poems through school and was told that I was good at writing them, also in school. And now I realize I want to know them better. So like a timid mouse I enter the world of poetry admitting that I have a lot to learn…

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