Saturday, March 13, 2010

RIP Scotch on the Rocks

I saw “Remember Me” tonight and at one point in the movie Pierce Bronson walks into the restaurant in New York (The Oak Room) and asks for a Laphroaig.

“That’s one of my favorites.” I say to my friend sitting next to me.
“What is it? She asks.
“It’s a Scotch.”

But if you’re keeping notes Scotch isn’t gluten free and I resolved many years ago that I wouldn’t have a drink of scotch again, ever. And the past 5 years I’ve been fine not drinking at all. Many times, I picked up a glass of wine and turned up my nose and until last Saturday night didn’t even consider drinking a rum and coke. If my body couldn’t handle wine I didn't want to try a harder liquor. I’ve been out a few times with friends and not wanted to drink, we danced and talked (as best as you can with loud dance music in your ears) and my mantra was “It says do not take medication with alcohol; I don’t want to get sick again.”

But alcohol and I have a great little past. I was bar staff for goodness sake. One working New Years Eve we started the night off with a shot of rum. There were staff parties and people who could mix you fancy drinks and when you showed interest, they taught you about Laphroaig.

And if you want to go back before bar staff life there was university life. Thursday nights at the grad house with the horoscopes, and a glass (or a few) of wine with the girls and anyone else who cared to join. “Drink without Quilt.” “Down the hatch and out the sn@tch.” Drinking was part of who we were.

When I was sick and not hanging out with friends I was ok with not drinking, but I wanted that freedom again.

Then I turned on Facebook and there was the announcement that Corey Haim had died: Prescription drugs. This of course follows Brittany Murphy, Heath Ledger, (whatever happened to Michael Jackson) and someone known to the family was put in the hospital when she mixed alcohol with anti depressants. It all became a little too real.

So today when I picked up my prescription I asked to speak to the pharmacist. I asked what would happen if I had a few drinks with the medication that I’m on. She said, “It’s not something you should do.”

It’ll mess up my nervous system and maybe one time I’d be ok but maybe the next time I wouldn’t be. She did say a social drink of a single glass of wine or a beer, once or twice a year wouldn’t be too bad, and I eagerly asked: “what about a rum and coke or a vodka and orange juice?” No, that was not a good idea.

So I’m not allowed to drink anymore. I’m glad I asked, but I’m not ok with it. I don’t mind giving up cheesecake and pizza forever. But alcohol, realizing what it means to give that up forever has made me a little sad.

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