Thursday, February 4, 2010

Research First, Then eat.

Well, in my drive to find new ways to include more fat in my diet, I hit a stumbling block. Last night I had a tablespoon of cashew butter. It was delicious. But this morning the world was a little foggy. I had trouble getting up after the alarm went off and after two weeks of wanting to write or read in the morning I seemed trapped on the couch looking at the ceiling. I wasn’t asleep, but I wasn’t conscious enough to function.

I didn’t think too much of it at first, yesterday was a busy day and maybe my brain needed a break. But then I started to move around and realized I had a definite headache, and while I was running I noticed my head hurt and I felt foggy. I even felt sick as I headed home. I thought about all the things I ate last night. My first thought was the balsamic vinegar, but I’ve eaten it a few times and there’s hasn't been a problem with it.

That left the Nuts to You Cashew butter. Did I mention: “Yum?” So while I was running around the block, I vowed to come back to the apartment and look the company up. When, oh, when will I research first and then eat?

There’s virtually no information about this company on the web. According to one interview the president of the company doesn’t even have an e-mail address and only recently started faxing. On the plus side, there’s no testimonials stating how sick anyone was after eating their nut butter, on the minus side there’s no testimonials saying it’s dairy and gluten free. In fact, there is one page listing a whole bunch of nut companies, including Nuts to You and none of the Nuts to You butters make it on the gluten and dairy free list. SO there’s my answer. 3-4 days of sulking around, battling a head ach and brain fog because of a tablespoon of cashews. Research first, then eat.

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