Friday, February 12, 2010

More Than Freefall

So it’s been a few days since I wrote in the blog. But I was doing other things. I’m still sitting down at the piano for 20 minutes every second day. Being very careful not to be overwhelmed or discouraged. I’m writing in my journal and working on “Bridget” I have the first part understood and roughly outlined and considering “act two” where she dives into the world that her controversial decisions have brought her. It’s meant a commitment from me. I’ve needed to say Ok I believe in this project and I am willing to set aside time to watch it grow and it might turn into something that’s almost alive. It’s going to have an effect on me, about how I think of things and feel and process my own emotions and create them for the story.

I won’t be just sitting down writing freefall about whatever comes into my head.

One of the girls on my team at work is on vacation, which means we’ve taken on some of the things she would usually do. She would contact people and I would not ask any questions (although listening and taking mental notes) and get the other stuff done. I believe to be a more active part of this team and prove I’m committed (and so I don’t feel like a knob when she’s not around and people ask, “well what would ‘she’ do?”) I need to make sure I’m learning from her. That’s just another commitment to me.

I had the broken coffee morning; one of those days where the water goes through the machine and changes colour, but doesn’t soak up the caffeine. I guess, coffee is the only way I function. So it was a pretty wasted morning, I was so out of it. When I went for a jog, I only made it around the block once and my body felt gross and tired. I saved the day by making a second batch before I left for work so that was ok. But I really can’t function without coffee.

And I got gifts from work. I received some gift certificates for agent of the month from my team lead. It’s nice to be appreciated and I know I’ve come a long way from the girl who was fired (and then reluctantly allowed to stay) once a month at my old job.

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