Saturday, February 13, 2010

Butter and Cream

I just watched Julie and Julia. Julie was a 30 year old woman, a failed writer, she loved food and had a blog. I instantly connected with her and wanted to be beside her in her journey. (Did I mention her husband was adorable?) Julia was a woman late in her life, trying to define who she was and she loved food. I understood that too.

For a long time, I didn’t want to watch this movie. I was scared that Meryl Streep’s acting would be over the top and frustrating. I didn’t think anyone could write an interesting movie about a blog. Well they did. The movie flowed easily between the two women’s lives and Meryl Streep inspired joy as she spoke volumes with the expressions on her face and her tone of voice.

I was daunted at first when I realized how much butter and cream they would be using. I no longer wish I could have one more taste of something with cream and butter. For a moment, I had to convince myself not to be grossed out by it and just enjoy the imagery of the food. They even made boning a duck beautiful and I was inspired by the prospect of cooking what I love.

My butter and cream is olive oil. I can love and explore my food as much as some people embrace butter and cream and chocolate pie. Right now all I use is olive oil, but cookbooks are always asking for different kinds of flavored oils, and there are all sorts of vinegars I could play with. I’ve always thought that they were excessive but what if they bring great flavor and passion to what I’m cooking? What if I can love vegetables and oils as much as some people love butter and chicken?

Yesterday, I was looking at cookbooks. I would open up the vegetarian or vegan cookbook to see if they use a lot of dairy or gluten. That’s how I decide whether or not I’ll learn more from the book or if it will just frustrate me. I wasn’t sure what I was looking for. But today I want to look at books that inspire my cooking. Inspire my day.

Today, I feel interested and in love. With food.

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