Thursday, January 28, 2010

Room to Run

I’ve always wanted to run. I could join the gym and do aerobics for an hour, I could walk three miles around the community, I could spend an hour 3 mornings a week skating around the rink like a maniac, but I could never run. When I was in High school I walked an hour every day, sometimes, when I felt strong and energetic I would try to run. I would run until I got tired and try to run again. I could make it 100 meters and get this crazy tired, with no desire to push or try running again, there was no recovery to the tiredness I felt in the first 5 minutes. Over the years when I lived in the city the pattern continued.

In August I read Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s book about going gluten free (which I am) and she told me to get even stricter with searching for harmful ingredients, and I cleaned even more crap out of my diet. Now If I can’t pronounce it, I don’t eat it, even if I’m sure it’s not dairy or gluten. No low fat salad dressing (Wikipedia doesn’t even give examples of some of those ingredients) no aspartame and no premixed spices that claim not to have msg, but do have components of it in, causing a bad reaction in me, that leads to confusion and depression.
In September, I started to get an urge to run. The first night I would run a bit and then walk a bit, run bit and then walk a bit. The next time I went (I usually exercise one day and take the next day off) I could run a little further and walk a little less, gradually I could drag my butt around the block at a slow jog the whole way around, and if I missed a run in there because I wanted a day to deal with my emotions, or the weather was bad; the next day I didn’t need to start from the begining again with a jog and a walk.

Today I stretched my legs at the start, which I never do, but seemed to give my body a warning, like get ready for this. I started right off at a challenge pace, faster than the plod, plod, plod I usually do. I expected that I would need to slow down very soon, but instead my body made the adjustment and let me keep up the pace for the whole 25 minutes. I was impressed, it’s still a jog, but there’s some speed and bravery to it. And I’m running and that feels good. I feel good.

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